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Face care

Shungite Mineral Soap


Unique shungite stone-mineral soaps are made for oily skin types.

⚫️ Shungite is a unique mineral that came to the earth from space 2 billion years ago. It is a miracle mineral with unmatched healing powers.

✅Ideal for acne-prone skin
✅Cleanses without drying
✅Balances oiliness
✅Has a bactericidal effect
✅Heals inflammatory processes on the face
✅Gives the skin a velvety feel
✅The skin becomes evenly colored, smooth, healthy

Use in the evenings. Wash the foam promptly from face.

Ingredients: shungite mineral, organic aloe vera powder, Georgian silk proteins, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, palm butter, distilled water, green mineral mica, lye.

🌞 Good soap is like good wine. It gets better and softens with age. The foam spreads like an ointment... Herami soap lasts forever.